Sunday, January 11, 2009

My head hurts

After my Bridget Jones'-style Friday night, things actually started to look up. One of my best friends called to set me up with a guy in her Ph.D program that she's been telling me about, and this guy I've got this weird non-relationship relationship (more on this later) was in the mood to hang out (as friends) as well. If you're concerned I may have double booked myself for one night, never fear! Of all my issues, having too many men and not enough time is not of them.

"Open bar" and "free wine and beer" are phrases that should be used cautiously around me. Being a fiscally-strapped young professional I like to get my money's worth. Last night was this awards banquet and I was being recognized, though I forgot to stand up when they called my name, and there was an open bar. Before meeting up with both or either of my two dates, I thought it might be smooth to have a drink to relax. Or four.

As it ended up, one didn't call and my stupid non-relationship relationship hanging out plan went down like this:

6:30 Him "Let me know when you're headed out after the banquet"
8:30 Him "How are things going?"
8:45 Me "X, Y, Z and etc are going to this bar shortly"
8:46: Him "And what are you doing?"
8:47 Me "Me too"
8:48 Him "Heading out."

Well, X, Y, and Z decided to go home so it was left to me to bring the fun and while I waited for him, had a couple more drinks. Plans and locations kept changing (with about twenty texts going back and forth) and then at 10:00 I receive "You weren't there. Headed to another party."

So I called explaining that things had gotten confusing, every one was leaving but if he still wanted to hang out I was up for another drink. "Sorry, another time. Bad communication, I guess..." Seriously? But it didn't end there.

Was home by 10:15, upon which I receive a slew of messages that the party is lame and he's leaving. Even though I don't respond I get another message a few minutes later: "where are you?"

Classy. We're supposed to be friends - we went on a couple dates, we're not each others type, we had the adult conversation, things were mutual and then this stuff happens. I got a text on Friday night which I assume was a low effort booty call of "I'm your neighborhood." So what's all this? I already did this non-relationship relationship bull shit last year for seven months and it was horrible. Why can't we just be friends and be cool with that? Why does this have to be so hard?

My head hurts.

My head hurts.

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