Saturday, January 10, 2009

Denver Man

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Oh, Stefanka. The only thing that makes it even better was knowing that you were writing that while drinking to the sing-along version of Mama Mia.

I seem to always take a week to settle into things. Whenever I move or head to a new country, it always takes me a full 5-7 days to forget all I've left behind and embrace my new circumstances. So, as of last night, I was headed into that welcomed phase when the ex decides to call. Then proceeds to call another 10 times throughout the night. Let me explain why this was not condusive to circumstances.

I drunk dialed a guy from Denver to visit and he did. Such a gentleman, I was caught off guard that guys who hold open doors and walk on the outside of the sidewalk existed. Big tough men are usually my type and they usually need reminders that they need to even unlock a car door on the passenger side after they have settled in behind the wheel. Then I realized that he can't get it up. After an awkward attempt, I am too scared to try again.

He was sooo nice. But that was it. I didn't feel the zing. We didn't sleep together and kept cuddling and kissing. And I got annoyed- "Stop touching me!" I thought it was obvious nothing was there, but he left claiming, "if you can't get out to Denver for a bit, I don't mind flying back here first." What? Did we experience the same weekend?

I need someone who has bite.
And who I can bite back to.

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