Thursday, January 22, 2009

The kid gets back in the picture

Jan 13: Life of celibacy vow
Jan 21: Obama-hotness makes it go out the window.... Klarinka is re-toxing on her resolutions :)

Things that happened to me yesterday:
1. I saw a man on a bike pulling a trailer that was covered with soft core porn mags and cards with 1-900 numbers. I thought it might be funny to talk to the guy, who was wearing a red jumpsuit with studs and chains, but when I started to ride close to him he began yelling about how "fuckin' hip hip is ruining America." We did not converse.
2. Received two offers from two different people to go out for beers. In Portland, that means a date.
3. Did a successful shoulder stand at yoga without falling over.
4. Began planning blog convention/tequila drinking drinking '09.

And now the question of the week: why does crazy shit, like almost getting arrested in Chinatown, always happen on Sundays?

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