Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Amicable Breakup

I don't really know how this all plays out yet. Which just results in sleepless nights. I know we'll stay friendly, but how close? It's weird because we still talk everyday and he still wants me to visit and vice versa. Hmmm....not sure if that's a good idea or not. Should I go cold turkey, which hurts a lot now but may be better in the long run? Or do I do the gradual breakup which is how I generally handle most breakups and although it takes forever, lets it slowly and less painfully end.

I go back and forth (overanalyzing is my speciality). I went from being a total bitch to him on Friday night (which resulted in him gong home and promptly changing his myspace status. OMG) to feeling like shit the next day, apologizing profusely and hanging out with him like normal on Saturday and having amazing an amazing time.

I do better cold turkey with boys when it involves leaving the country. Not an option right now with this whole career thing.

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