Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back to Amicable.

So, the result of losing my voice for no less than 4 days was a total zen weekend. I didn't see or talk to a single person I knew for 4 days and was good. I did plenty of yoga, read books, and painted. This also resulted in my decision to be the bigger person and write the hostile ex. I sent an email explaining he didn't need to respond but that I apologized how I acted out of spite and I will always care about him. We run in the same social circles and I did not want to deal with total awkwardness the next time fate put us at the same party. Turns out this was the opening he was looking for and I recieved the reply: "I hate that we are like this. I miss you. Please call when you are able." So just like that, hostile returned to amicable. Which I'm not sure where that leaves us and for how long. To be continued...

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  1. So guys can be reasonable. We are learning something from all this blogging!