Monday, February 2, 2009

Maple syrup is delicious

Scene: bar in Stowe, Vermont

Enter Jenny and Stephanie, ready to have beers. Upon scouting the crowded room they realize the only place it sit is a large corner booth occupied by three guys. Despite the fact that one looks like Ted Kaczynski, they decide to make friends and grab a seat. Conversation ensues.

Jenny/Stephanie: So do you guys live in Stowe?

Mountain man 1: Yes, I used to live in a tent with this guy (motions to mountain man 2) but now I'm in this double-wide trailer up the road.

Jenny/Stephanie: Uh huh. Rad.

Later on...

J/S: So what do you do?

Mountain man 2: I tap trees for maple syrup.

J/S: Like in the olden days? Is that a real job?

Mountain man 2: Yes.

Anyways, the guys were really nice and hooked us up with ski passes at the von Trapp family lodge. While we never saw our maple syrup mountain men again, we left with a true appreciation for the complexities of the syrup-making process.

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