Monday, February 9, 2009

When girlfriends ditch.

Okay, Stefka. Way to keep me in line. I am always way too interesting for my own good. Let's review the last 3 weekends I failed to immediately write about.
Weekend #1- I went to Oregon, for an outdoor experience with a girlfriend. First night there, I get a drunk call from the amicable breakup. We are both still supposed to spend President's Day together in Phoenix, so the whole "amicable" aspect is fairly important. Hmmm...this goes to shit when he tells me he thought I was seeing someone else, so he booked a ticket to see the ex girlfriend in Seattle. My reaction is nothing less than WHAT?!?!?!?! I'm not fooling myself- I don't have a lot of standards- but she was the one thing I insisted could never happen if we were to pull off the whole "amicable" bit. Since I only have one standard, I feel as though it's fairly important I follow it...and end up PISSED. It's ironic that "He's just not that into you" is also premiering at this time. We broke up because of he's still flying that far to see the ex?!?! So, I am mad and get wasted- which results in me getting kicked out of a club- and finding my own way home. But still...I get home and spend the whole next day sleeping- which upsets her enough to drop me off at the airport 4 hours early. 4 hours. I might also mention that this Oregonian airport is very similar to Cambodia- it is tiny and has NOTHING. I was ready to kill just for a pack of M&Ms.

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