Saturday, February 14, 2009

Amicable becomes hostile

Weekend #3-
This one could be a novella. I've been following random impulsives and following up on long lost lovers in an attempt to reinstate some sort of pathetic self flattery. Anyhow, it has paid off well in providing adequate distractions from the every other day fighting that seems to be taking place with the "not so amicable ex." My Mexican lover (who isn't acutally Mexican, just someone I met in Mexico, that is another blog all on its own) lives in New Mexico. I've never been there and I have fairly fond memories of the I headed down for a weekend. He is way too established for our age and not only paid for the flight, but I was taken care of all weekend. Once again, a nice surprise after fighting over who pays for a six pack with the not so amicable ex. All in all, a nice relaxing weekend where there was sun!!!
I get home late Sunday night and after calling the amicable ex...well, I flipped out. His phone was off and the only other time that happened is when he was lying. So I had a bad gut feeling and headed over to a girlfriends to pick up my pet. She is already drinking and I soon join. She quickly starts to tell me how mad she is at HER boyfriend and projects this anger to the amicable ex as well as her own lover. She takes over the calls to the amicable ex and starts leaving him some flattering messages, such as, "grow a pair!" All in all, he apparentally had 16 missed calls from me (her boyfriend had 92!) and yes, we were the crazy girls. This resulted in the amicable ex becoming the hostile ex. I was quickly nixed from facebook and myspace (which seems fairly juvenile to me), but then additionally, he took the time to "untag" every single photo of us. That just seems like a lot of work. This whole week has resulted in extremely vicious emails back and forth - which may be worth printing as a blog on their own- and we are now forever the hostile exes. Oh, and a Freudian slip on my part when I thought I was forwarding his email to a girlfriend with my attached phrase, "I AM SICK OF THIS!" Whoops, I hit reply.

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  1. Never drink and dial. Fighting over who would pay for a six pack? Really????