Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thing 1 and Thing 2

The only redeeming factor about me reentering the dating scene is the material for this blog. It gets better and better. I've also realized that dating can make you an incredibly skilled actress. It's all about pretending like you are fascinated with some story when really, you are just thrilled about eating and drinking for free.

What lesson am I on? Lesson #4?- Don't date 2 guys with the same name. When you think you call Thing #1 and ask if you can meet an hour later for tonight's date, and you've really called Thing #2...trouble can ensue. Thing #2 actually lives 45 minutes away, and for some reason, sounds thrilled to get together tonight, "although he doesn't remember making plans." Oops. I quickly try to back out but he insists Friday night is perfect. I meekly agree and then face the fact I have two dates, at the same time, with the same name. Clusterfucks are my speciality.

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  1. I just spent an hour in a car with a person whose relationship I might have accidentally played a role in breaking up a couple years ago... I didn't realize this until we were already in the car. I need to make flash cards with names and faces.