Monday, March 16, 2009

Men in the morning light.

I have a new favorite: Zumba! It's an aerobic class based on the salsa...after a few awkward beginnings, I was dancing like a Mexican- or at least that's how good I looked next to the 80 year man next to me who explained he was in his dance shoes (and short red shorts) because he slipped around too much last time...

So I've decided I do not like the opposite sex staying in my home. Morning light casts a different look on men, which doesn't help when accompanied with a hangover. Somehow I never felt this grudge with the Amicable Ex...maybe that comes with intimacy, maybe with my own lack of self consicousness around him. Either way, I've decided that if it's not a girl friend in my bed, I only want to wake up to my kitten.

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