Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spilt Milk

I think I'm experiencing withdrawls. I am going through a 2 week cleanse to better myself and that involves no drinking. Also, I've been abstaining from boys since to be honest- I'm having a hard time finding anyone who gives me the zing. And I must have the zing. So, I'm realizing that I may have a preoccupation with denying myself these things because the last 3 nights my dreams have involved wine and sex. Hmmm...what is on my subconscious? Two things my body craves and is not getting.
Plus, I am frustrated with the amicable ex who drunk dials me Friday night (I'm cleansing, so I'm sober) and proceeds to lecture me about how he can't believe I drunk dialed him last Sunday and can't remember what I said. Does this spell irony to anyone else? We broke up- I don't feel like I need to listen to his lectures anymore. Especially this awe inspiring one where he starts going on about marriage but that I'm too fucked up to marry because my life is drama. Wow. He even starts going off on me for my lastest car crash...which wasn't my fault. A middle aged space cadet rear ended me at a stoplight. But because it's me and I chose to laugh about it when I retold the story to him (I don't see the point in crying over spilt milk- especially since mine is always spilling) that there is obviously something wrong with me. Why am I putting up with this? Just stop when you're ahead buddy. I chose to not answer my 2 am phone calls late Saturday night...haven't heard from him since.

1 comment:

  1. A. Isn't the cleanse awesome?
    B. If you spill milk, Bella can lick it up.
    C. Pull a Constanza and always leave while you're on top.