Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I want to go to Tyland!

Last night's St. Paddy's Day festivities involved me running into someone from my high school. I was slightly alarmed that he remembered my name when I only found him vaguely familiar, but didn't think about it too much. After a short, pointless conversation, I faked a bathroom break and rejoined my friends. He then hung on our group until I finally used a friend's husband to pose as my boyfriend. This did not deter high school boy, however, and he asked me if I was in love. Caught off guard, I think I literally snorted out a "no." "Then I still have hope," was his poetic response. I think I may have a stalker. I have no idea how he got my email address and am even more concerned about the subject. CREEPY. Here goes (this is worth cutting and pasting.)

Hey its "High School Boy:.. that guy you met last nite..

I'm sorry if i made things weird in front of your boy friend, if that was your boy friend, i think you were trying to tell me that when we first started talking, or maybe not.. You know even though i was pretty drunk last night... i couldn't really sleep much, i couldn't get over the fact that after all these years i Finally talked to the girl i would always seen jogging in that park.. but life always holds supprises for us all.. it gave me one when i was 17 when my mother died.. and i had to move over to this side of Washington to live with my father that i hadn't seen 10 years before hand.. I've missed out on afew things in life, but i've been very Fortunate.. I've done alot of traveling and seen alot of the world.. I've been to Two islands in Hawii, Spain, Israel, Rome, Tyland (worst trip EVER almost got killed, but i can tell you about that later) and all over the states. My Father is an Air Traffic controler, so I can get plane tickets to next to nothing..

I don't know how your relationship is with your boy Friend is but i'd like to know you Klarinka... all those times i saw you in that park.. i should have said something to you.... last night when we were smoking, it was hard for me not to get lost in those eye's of yours... but at the very least i'd like to just be e-mail buddies with you... its actusually been sometime since i have talked to a women.. i was in a relationship for a very long time.. but she was.. taken from me becasue of her family... and it left me very heart broken... i don't know if you have ever been in love before.. but when your in love for the first time in your life, and you lose that.. its hard to believe that you'll ever.... feel that feeling again.. and it makes other relationships feel pointless...

what kind of music do you like? i like all forms of music myself.... here is a song that i listen to this morning when i was thinkin about ya ..
Well.. i hope to hear from you Klarinka..
Bye, "High School Boy"


  1. Wow... there's a lot to comment on that letter, but my first thought is that poor boy needs to learn how to spell.

  2. Ok, I'm processing through this. I think you need to change your email address or you're going to end up with another ""

  3. I have never cringed so much in my life. The spelling, the stalking...can you say "restraining order"?? Yowza.