Monday, March 9, 2009

Hot does not mean smart

So, for the last 65 minutes, I have been on the phone with the hottest man I have ever seen in a Starbucks. However, I should have left it at Starbucks. Another lesson learned the hard way: hot does not mean smart. For someone who claims to be a hetrosexual Christian, I have never met anyone who uses more affectations to their voice and quizzes me more about my astrology than a superstitious girlfriend. I thought he just might be nervous, but after launching into moon cycles and their effect on aries, I realized he was just deranged.
This may be just me, but usually the first chat includes small talk such as: weather, movies, bars, traveling, etc. This guy proceeded to GRILL me about past relationships, what I was looking for, how I act in a relationship (doesn't at least a date and a drink come before this talk?) ...and then was disappointed by my "vague politically correct answers." I was frightened. Remind me not to make small talk while waiting for my soy matter what muscles are before me.

1 comment:

  1. Don't talk to strangers... especially effeminate men who want to talk about astrology. Five bucks says he watches Lifetime movies and cries during sex.