Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dog Training

Have you ever heard of the book, "How to walk a dog"? I am newly convicted of the theory it presents. A man is like a dog. Equally trainable and reacts similarly. Most prominently, treat it like a dog and it will respond with increased attraction and affection. The last 3 guys I have somewhat dated have bored me and I have spent more time ignoring them than adoring them...and they are all about me. The less I call...the more they do. The minute I start responding, they are no longer interested.
For example, I ran into a guy last week and had an intense few days. I quickly realized there was no zing and after hearing his educational history (he never heard mine, I was the only one who thought to ask a question other than, "want a beer?"), realized he may be a loser. So I cut contact and all of a sudden: BANG! Nonstop texts,'s been five days. Today was finally, "I feel like you owe me an explanation. I don't understand what I did wrong. I feel like we really could have had fun together." Ummm....I don't owe you anything- we hung out TWICE. Now, if I could only be so nonchalant about guys I actually care about.

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